KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI  | International Martial Arts Federation 
|   SHORINJI RYU KARATE DO  |   OKINAWA KOBUDO   |   TAI CHI   |   Founded 1976 by O´Sensei Richard Kim, Hanshi, 10. Dan

KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI | Board Of Directors |

Who represents the KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI?

Since 2006, the KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI has been integrated into the BUTOKUKAI GERMANY e.V. and is administrated by him in economic terms in accordance with the statutes. The administration is always the responsibility of the association, which provides the secretary general and whose legal possibilities allow this. Regarding those with the martial arts Shorinji Ryu and the related graduations and honors, the technical directors of KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI are responsible for decisions.

Technical Director

Jean Chalamon
Meijin | 10. Dan


Rod Sanford
Hanshi | 9. Dan


Jean-Michel Argant
Kyoshi | 7. Dan

Secretary General

Stephan Peitz
Kyoshi | 7. Dan

Honorary Presidents

Richard Kim
Hanshi | 10. Dan

Robert Leong

Louis Jemison
Hanshi | 9. Dan