KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI  | International Martial Arts Federation 
|   SHORINJI RYU KARATE DO  |   OKINAWA KOBUDO   |   TAI CHI   |   Founded 1976 by O´Sensei Richard Kim, Hanshi, 10. Dan

All Certified Black Belts | Shorinji Ryu Martial Arts

The eternal certification list is shown on the following pages. Listed by last names  from A to Z.

Right now we have 240 certified martial art black belts by the KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI.

Of these, 46 are certified in all arts of Shorin Ryu Style.


Dan-Certificates of KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI

Shorinji Ryu = Rank of Shorinji Ryu Karate Do | Okinawa Kobudo | Tai Chi Chuan |

Karate = Shorinji Ryu / Kobayashi Ryu

Kobudo = Okinawa Kobudo (Shorinji Ryu Style)

Tai Chi = Tai Chi Chuan (Shorinji Ryu Style)

Aikijujitsu = (Shorinji Ryu Style)

Title-Certificates of KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI

 Renshi  錬士
"Expert of exercise" | incl. auditor-Iicence up to 3. Dan 

 Kyoshi  教士
"Teaching expert; Scholar" | incl. auditor-Iicence up to 5. Dan

 Hanshi  範士
"Model scholar" | incl. auditor-Iicence up to 7. Dan

 Meijin  名人
"Perfect man"

 Menkyo Kaiden  = Representative of the style

The named persons have received the corresponding certificate in the course of their membership on the mentioned date.
Please ask KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI if there is a current membership for the respective person.